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We have most of these cuts
year round and can work with
special orders for custom cuts.

                                                                     Price per pound

Brisket $6.95
Sirloin Steak $ 10.95
Rump Roast $7.95
Rib Eye Steak $13.95
Chuck Roast $7.95
Loin (KC) Strip Steak $12.95

Tenderloin (Filet) Steak $13.95
Stew Meat $8.50

Beef Soup Bones $ 4.50
Ground Beef $ 8.00
Beef Liver $ 5.95

Beef Tongue $ 5.40

Beef Heart $ 4.80

Inquire about availability and deliveries
Halves and Quarters also available- ask here

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RP Cattle
Powell, MO 65730
Richard Potter

All cuts are lean as these are
GRASS FED certified organic
cattle raised on a certified organic

farm. (certified in 2003) I let others make the health
claims and explain why grass fed
beef is healthier than the cattle raised
in feedlots with antibiotics, steroids,
pesticides and high energy grains
cattle were never evolved to eat.  I
raise the cattle the way I want my children
to eat them.  They turn out to be delicious
as well.  I feel very fortunate to be able to
eat this beef and hope  others can as
well.  I would like to say  I am "saddened"
by the very fact there is such a thing
as "organic" food because I believe
ALL food should be raised in this manner
and there should be no need for such
a category.  There is, however and I hope
I can help people be healthy and improve
their world, at least a little.